About Us



    About Our Company

  •      Provides stand-alone consulting solutions to the property and construction industries.

  •      CFA is a registered company with the NHBRC.
  •      Is a professional construction project management company.
  •      Focuses on customer service and value creation.
  •      We employ a team of professionally accredited and highly skilled
  •      Construction Project Managers & Project Development Managers.
  •      As a company, we have delivered high profile projects across many sectors of construction industry to successful completion. 
  •      CFA construction provides world class services to our clients with a 10-year proven track record. 
  •      CFA has established offices in South Africa.


Teamwork and Management Style

The following relates to how we manage our teams:


Understanding, define and agree

Using set systems & procedures

Leading from the front

Maintaining confidence

Being flexible and consistent

Cultivating a dynamic & creative work environment

Adding value

Motivating teams

Building relationships

Being transparent

Being non-adversarial

Our core values since inception are:


Openness and integrity

Excellence surpassing expectation

Teamwork & Knowledge sharing

Customer Satisfaction

Foresight – Ability to be pro-active


CFA is a solution-based company that, while managing individual projects, offers our clients complete property development and construction solutions. Project management entails the successful delivery of property and construction projects from inception to handover.

At its core, CFA construction offers project management services.

As the client’s agents and project managers, we undertake amongst others the following responsibilities:


Procurement and cost management

Project planning & execution

Advice and management

Contract administration

Risk analysis and mitigation

Valued engineering

Resource management

Project team co-ordination

Communication and information management

Health and safety processes

Quality control & assurances

Change control Management

Project close-out & handover



Construction management is a superb vehicle for fast-track operations; it maximizes competition, it is flexible in dealing with unforeseen changes. CFA provides all technical, administrative management services and expertise to effectively plan and manage the project from implementation to completion and project handover. The following diagram illustrates the time saving which can be attributed to a project when construction management is applied:


By adopting a construction management approach to a project, the client benefits, as the work will be commenced earlier. Therefore, it is contracted as work packages which are co-ordinated and managed by the Construction Manager. The Construction Manager is also far more cost effective as the various trade contractors that are contracted directly, and not through a main contractor who would intern add profit and attendance onto the trade sum.