Projects Management

The Construction Project Manager

Construction project management is run by a construction project manager. This person is tasked with the planning, coordination, budgeting and supervision of the construction project.


Construction project manager responsible for the following tasks:


Estimate and negotiate project costs
Formulate budget
Create schedule and work timetables
Determine which methods and strategies are appropriate for the project
Communicate with clients and stakeholders, re. budget, progress, etc.
Lead or interface with workers, teams and other construction professions on technical and contract details
Work with building, construction and regulatory specialists

Construction Projects

You not only hire that seasoned professional, but a whole team of subcontractors who are experts in their field and have experience working as a team. Whether it be a new construction project, a renovation, or a remodel, CFA Construction has the leadership and the skills needed to deliver the best services to our clients before the shovel hits the ground. The benefits of hiring a general contractor increase the overall value of a building as well as provide you, the owner, a relaxed, professional and enjoyable experience before, during, and after the actual construction.

Rafts and Foundations

A raft foundation is often used when the soil is weak, as it distributes the weight of the building over the entire area of the building, and not over smaller zones (like individual footings) or at individual points (like pile foundations). This reduces the stress on the soil. The concept of stress is very basic to civil engineering. Stress is simply weight divided by area. For example, if a building measuring 5 x 5 weighs 50 tons, and has a raft foundation, then the stress on the soil is weight / area = 50/25 = 2 tons per square meter.


Choose the colour paint of your choice and we will attend to the rest, for your complete peace of mind. We also do custom decorative painting to give your old and new wooden furniture for example headboards, beds and all makes of cupboards, a new lease on life with the following creative paint looks:- aged and weathered, cracked paint and white stone wash finishes. You dream it and we’ll make it a reality for you.

Steel Works

CFA Construction is a leading manufacturer of a variety of steel structures of all shapes, sizes and formats. Our portfolio covers a variety of steel manufacturing applications including installations. Working closely with our clients to meet your requirements from conception through to delivery.


We provide a complete and comprehensive solution to all building maintenance requirements.